Partner 21 - CUNI (Czech Republic)
Charles University (CUNI)

Expertise and experience of the organization
The team from Dept. of Meteorology and Environment Protection of Charles University in Prague have expertise in a range of climate-related research topics including regional climate modelling and statistical evaluation of the reliability, sensitivity and uncertainty of model results comparing both with gridded climatology and station data. One of the main experience of the team is in air-quality studies as well, mainly working on air-pollution modelling. CUNI has participated and coordinated in several EU, international and national projects, respectively. In addition, it has provided numerous consultations to local and national governmental authorities and Organizations in its field of expertise. In relation to this proposal mainly participation in FP6 Project ENSEMBLES, QUANTIFY and coordination of project CECILIA will provide benefits for the progress in this study.

Role and contribution

In this project, participating in WP6, CUNI will share the expertise in regional climate modelling in high resolution, impact of land use changes as well as the skill with coupling of air-quality CTM model to the regional climate model.

Principal personnel involved
Dr. Tomas Halenka, CSc., (Assoc. Prof., deputy head of the Department) has RNDr. degree in Meteorology (NWP), Charles University in Prague, 1984, postgraduate study, researcher on Dept. of Meteorology and Geophysics, CSc. Degree in Meteorology, 1994, Assis. Prof. on Dept. of Meteorology and Environment Protection, Fac. of Math. and Physics, Charles University, till 2004, Assoc. Prof. there from 2006 till now. Experience and expertise in numerical modelling of the atmosphere, regional climate modelling, air quality modelling in local and regional scales, ozone, reading lectures on NWP, Dynamic Meteorology, Meteorological Instruments and Observation, Dynamics of the System Ocean-Atmosphere, supervisor of many diploma and doctoral student. Participation and coordination in several EU, international and national projects, respectively, coordinator of EC FP6 project CECILIA, participating in project FP6 EC  ENSEMBLES, member of steering committee in project FP6 EC QUANTIFY, FP6 EC ATTICA, project FP5 EC SOLICE. Regular Assoc. of ICTP, chairman of Prague local chapter and Scientific Secretary of Czech Meteorological Society, Vice-President and Treasurer of European Meteorological Society, chairman of educational committee of EMS.
Dr. Josef Brechler, CSc. (Assoc. Prof., Head of the Department) - has long expertise and research in air-quality modelling and modelling of flow in microscale complex terrain and urban areas. Lectures in Boundary Layer Meteorology, Computation Systems, Interpretation of NWP Results. Participation and coordination in several EU, international and national projects, respectively.

Selected relevant publications
Bednar, J., J. Brechler, T. Halenka (2002): Photochemical smog modelling in Prague. International Journal on Environment and Air Pollution, 16, 264-273.
Kalvova, J., T. Halenka, K. Bezpalcova, I. Nemesova (2003): Koppen climate types in observed and simulated climates, Stud. Geophys. Geod., 47, 185-202.
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Halenka, T., J. Brechler, J. Bednar (2004): Modelling activity in the framework of the national project - Transformation of Air-Pollution, Modelling Its Transport and Dispersion, In: Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XVI, C. Borrego, S. Incecik (Eds.), Klewer Academic/Plenum Publisher, 629-632.
Halenka T., J. Kalvova, Z. Chladova, A. Demeterova, K. Zemankova, M. Belda, (2006): On the capability of RegCM to capture extremes in long term regional climate simulation – comparison with the observations for Czech Republic, Theor. Appl. Climatol., 86, 125-145.

FP7 EC MEGAPOLI, 2008-2011