Partner 8 - JRC (Italy)
Joint Research Center, Ispra (JRC)

Expertise and experience of the organization
The Institute of Environment and Sustainability has long been involved in the study of atmospheric processes at all scale and in all their forms as well as air quality in Europe. More in particular the Transport and Air Quality Unit has long been involved in the process of assisting the Commission in the definition of air-quality related policies by providing scientific and technical advice.

Role and contribution

JRC will lead Task 5 in WP 2 that relates to the parameterization of sub grid scale emission to upper atmospheric concentration levels. The competences present in the team are going to be use extensively for carrying out the task. Coordination of the contribution to the activity from the University of Thessaloniki will also be carried out by the JRC team.

Principal personnel involved
Dr. Stefano Galmarini is senior scientist in the Transport and Air Quality unit has a long experience in atmospheric dispersion modelling at all scales, in particular in boundary layer processes and chemistry. He got his PhD at the University of Utrecht in 1997 on atmospheric turbulence and chemistry interaction. He is working at JRC-Ispra since 1997 and he has been participating and promoting a number of EU-projects such as ETEX , BEMA, RTMOD, MESOCOM, ENSEMBLE, EURANOS, and PREVIEW.
Selected relevant publications
Vinuesa J.F., Galmarini S., (2006): Characterization of the 222Rn family turbulent transport in the convective atmospheric boundary layer, –Atmos. Chem. and Phys., 7 (3), 575-980
Galmarini S., J.L. Attie (2000): Turbulent fluxes at the top of thermal internal boundary layer: wavelet analysis of aircraft measurements, Bound. Layer Meteorol., 94, 175–196.
Galmarini S., Beets C., Duynkerke, P.G., J. Vilà -Guerau de Arellano, (1998): Stable nocturnal boundary layer: a comparison of one-dimensional and Large-Eddy models,  Boundary-Layer Meteorol., 88, 181-210.
Galmarini S., Vilà-Guerau de Arellano J., Duyzer J., (1997): Fluxes of chemically reactive species inferred from mean concentration measurements, Atmos. Environ, 31, 15, 2371-2374.
Galmarini S., Duynkerke P.G., Vilà-Guerau de Arellano J., (1997): Evolution of nitrogen oxides in the stable nocturnal boundary layer, J. Appl. Meteor., 36, 7, 943-957.
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