Partner 4 - ARIANET (Italy)

Expertise and experience of the organization
ARIANET is an environmental consulting company based in Milan, founded in year 2000 by a group of scientists, experts in air pollution and meteorological modelling mostly coming from research centres (ENEL- former electricity board and universities). ARIANET activities include: applied meteorological and air quality modelling from to local scale; air quality forecasting; real-time pollution control for industrial sites; development of emission inventories; integration between simulation models and geographic information systems (GIS), reconstruction of traffic flows and evaluation of their impact on air quality. ARIANET recent activities include: 1) support to ENEA and Italian Environmental Ministry in the development of RAINS-Italy; 2) cooperation with Italian Regional and Local Environmental Agencies to implement air pollution modelling systems for yearly air quality assessment and management at regional and urban scale; 3) participation in EU FP5 project FUMAPEX, as WP leader, developing an urban air quality forecasting system for the Turin urban area.

Role and contribution

Multiscale emission modelling, integration of different emission inventories and up-scaling of high resolution regional and city scale emissions (WP1). Nested air quality modelling system applications to upscale megacities and hotspots pollution and evaluate their local to regional air quality impact (WP5 and WP7). Development, application and demonstration of prototype modelling system for case studies and scenarios evaluation on the Po-Valley urban conglomeration area and Mexico City (WP7 and WP8).

Principal personnel involved
Dr. Giuseppe Calori (Senior Scientist; Ph.: +39-02-27007255; Fax: +39-02-25708084, e-mail: - Univ.Degree in Electronic Engineering and PhD in Automatica, both from Politecnico di Milano. Research scholar at IIASA (International Institute for Applied System Analysis) in 1995. Post-doc at Politecnico di Milano in 1995-96. Visiting scholar at CGRER – Univ. of Iowa (Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research) in 1999. Contributor and co-ordinator of R&D projects on air pollution modelling and environmental impact assessment on various scales and regions; among the others: emission inventories and photochemical modelling in urban areas, acidification over the Italian region, present and future impacts of sulphur in Asian megacities, integrated assessment of acidification in Asia (World Bank), policies scenarios analysis through integrated modelling systems.
Dr. Sandro Finardi (Senior Scientist; Ph.: +39-02-27007255; Fax: +39-02-25708084, e-mail: - Univ. Degree in Physics at the University of Milan in 1988. Experience on atmospheric dispersion modelling of industrial and civil sources emissions in the frame of environmental impact assessment. From 1991 he has been working on meteorological models at local and meso-scale, applying diagnostic and prognostic techniques in urban environment and over complex terrain. Further activities regard atmospheric surface and boundary layer parameterisations. During the last years he worked on the development of deterministic air quality prediction systems. He has been involved in EU COST710 and COST715 and is presently invited expert of COST728 Action. He led WP5 of EU FP5 project FUMAPEX, dealing with interfaces between meteorological and air quality models.
Dr. Camillo Silibello (Senior Scientist; Ph.: +39-02-27007255; Fax: +39-02-25708084, e-mail: - Univ. Degree in Physics at University of Milan in 1988. He works on the development and application of mathematical models in the fields of transport and diffusion of pollutant in the atmosphere. Visiting researcher at CGRER – Univ. of Iowa in 1996 where he started to work with STEM model under the supervision of Prof. G. Carmichael. Further activities regard deposition estimation over the Italian area, sensitivity studies of effects of chemical mechanisms in model applications, inclusion of aerosol processes in comprehensive air quality models and application of chemical transport model to different area in the Italian basin. In 2006 he has been nominated by the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea as a national expert for the preparation of the EMEP/TFMM Particulate Matter Assessment Report.
Dr. Alessio D’Allura (Junior Scientist; Ph.: +39-02-27007255; Fax: +39-02-25708084, e-mail: - Univ. Degree in Environmental Science and PhD in Environmental Science focused on development and validation of Air Quality Forecast System, both from University of Milano Bicocca. Contributor of  FUMAPEX project. Research Scholar at CGRER – Univ. of Iowa (Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research) in 2006. Involved in air quality forecast activities during the measurement campaigns INTEX-B (The Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment – Phase B ), MILAGRO (Megacity Initiative: Local and Global Research Observations) and TexAQS (Texas Air Quality Study).  He gained experience in set up, drive and validate a forecast modelling system including: meteorological non-hydrostatic models (such as RAMS or WRF) and local to mesoscale pollutant dispersion models.

Selected relevant publications
Finardi S., De Maria R., D’Allura A., Calori G., Cascone C., Lollobrigida F. (2007): A Deterministic Air Quality Forecasting System For Torino Urban Area, Italy., Environ.Model. and Software, In Press.
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Tang Y., Charmichael G. R., Mena M., D'Allura  A., Chai T., Pierce, R B, Al-Saadi, J A (2006): The Mexico City Outflow and Its Regional Influence: A Regional Model Study in INTEX- B/MIRAGE Field Experiment. AGU 2006 Fall Meeting.
Guttikunda S.K., Carmichael G.R., Calori G., Eck C., Woo J.H. (2003): The contribution of megacities to regional sulfur pollution in Asia. Atmos.Environ., 37, 11-22.
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