MEGAPOLI advisory group members




Prof. Paul Crutzen

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Germany

Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995

Prof. Luisa Molina

Molina Center, Mexico

Megacity Air Quality, Science Leader of Mexico City projects

Prof. Greg Carmichael

U. Iowa, USA

Chemical Transport Modelling, Asian megacity air quality

Prof. Yutaka Kondo

Res. Center for Advanced Sci. and Tech., U. Tokyo, Japan

Urban air pollution and global change, Tokyo air quality

Dr. Georg Grel

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA

WRF-Chem working group leader, Integrated modelling tools

Dr. Philippe Lameloise


Director of AIRPARIF

Dr. Jason Ching

Environmental Protection Agency, USA

Chief (1990-8) of the EPA  atmospheric model development branch

Prof. Nikolai Kasimov

Moscow State University, Russia

Sustainable development, geo-biochemistry of urban environment

Dr. Brendan P. Kelly

Group on Earth Observations (GEO), Switzerland

GEO Secretariat

Prof. Bob Bornstein

San Jose State University, USA

Urban air pollution and feedbacks, New York plume study

FP7 EC MEGAPOLI, 2008-2011